Tokenization Questions

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Tokenization Questions

Hey! I looked at the RVN white paper, I'm already invested, and I really like the idea of tokenization but I'm curious with some questions about the tech, and wondering if someone that knows more has some answers. Basically, I'm thinking of ways to break the system.

Imagine a use case where someone has a car, they want to transfer the title to someone else, so they create a token that's called CAR_ and then the VIN number (kind of like the example in the paper). Now they can transfer that token to record the new owner's legitimate claim to the title.

But since anyone can create tokens what would stop me from creating a token to represent my neighbor's car's VIN and selling that to someone? Or in another situation, what if I created two CAR_VIN tokens representing the title and sold them to two separate buyers before disappearing?

Perhaps tokens could only be issued by a trusted authority like the DMV, which would prevent minting illegitimate tokens, but doesn't that then undermine the tenet of decentralization?

Anyways, I'm excited about RVN but I've been wrestling with these questions, so any help or references would be appreciated.

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