The Great FAQ about Moons, Community Polls, Governance and more

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The Great FAQ about Moons, Community Polls, Governance and more

The Great FAQ about Moons, Community Polls, Governance and more

Introduction:(FAQ Down Below)

What are Community Points?

Community Points are a way for Redditors to own a piece of their favorite communities. As a unit of ownership, Points capture some of the value of their community. They can be spent on premium features and are used as a measure of reputation in the community.

Get rewarded for your work

People earn Points by contributing to the community, for example by submitting quality posts and comments. Based on these contributions, the community ultimately decides how many Points each person receives.

Governance polls

What is A Governance Poll?

With great power comes great responsibility

In subreddits that have Community Points, polls have two sets of results:

  1. The normal count, where one member gets one vote.
  2. The weighted count, where members get one vote for every Point they have.

In Cryptocurrency Our points are called "Moons" as most of you already know.

Every month any member in our community can propose an alternative Distribution of Moons .

Governance Poll is a Proposal poll that represent the Idea of the new alternative, One should make a post describing their Proposal and make a Poll so the rest of the Community members can vote on.

If you want to read More about Governances Polls feel free to check my other post who goes into much more details about it:


Earning Moons:

  • Q: How can I Earn Moons?
  • A: First you have to open up your vault Via Reddit Mobile app, after that you can earn moons by posting and commenting in this sub. ( You can open your vault through here)

  • Q: How many Moons can I earn and When do I get them?
  • A: Moons are distributed monthly based on individual contributions (comments, posts, etc.) that people make in r/CryptoCurrency. Reddit karma provides a basis for measuring people’s contribution, but the final decision is up to the community. Initially, 50 million Moons will be distributed based on karma earned in the subreddit to date. The amount distributed each following month will start at 5 million and decrease by 2.5% every cycle, so that the total number of Moons distributed over time will approach a maximum cap of 250 million.

  • Q: So How many moons do I get per Karma?
  • A: The ratio of Karma : Moons Changes every month, we can't know for sure how much Moons will you earn from Each karma point, Last Round it was 0.51 moons per karma.

  • Q: How do Downvotes -Negative Point on posts and comments effect Moons?
  • A: Downvotes Affect your net Karma over the entire round, so if you have a comment with 10 Points and another one with -10 Points they will cancel each other at the distribution. One thing to keep in mind is that if for example you had only one comment in the entire round and the comment had negative score , you will not be getting More Moons (OFC) But Negative Karma don't take the moons that you currently have.

  • Q: How can I know when moons are distribute or see past distribution?
  • A: Follow u/CommunityPoints posts and you will be able to see it all.

Moons Usability:

  • Q: What can I do with the Moons I earned?
  1. A: Currently you can Send Moons Via Reddit, Receive Moons to your vault or Sell Moons Via couple of ways (Uniswap, Honeyswap for ex)
  2. You can Convert Moons to "Reddit Coins" that will Only be usable at r/CryptoCurrency
  3. You Buy a Special Membership for this sub for 1000 Moons Per Month .

  • Q: Will there be more uses for moons in the future?
  • A: YES, I Don't want to spoil anything but the mods are working on some exciting features.

Governance Polls:

  • Q: What is my Voting power?
  • A: You can only Vote with the amount of Moons you Earned, If you earned 2000 moons (in the past) and bought 5000 more, your voting power will be 2000.
  • If you earned 2000 Moons, sold 1000, Bought 1000 back will your voting power will back to be 2000!

  • Q: Do I lose my moons if I vote on one of the polls?
  • A: No! you don't lose a single moon from voting, Vote away!

  • Q: Can I make any Moon proposal that I want ?
  • A: Yes and No, Yes you are free to make Proposals but not all of them are implementable, for Example we can take a look at:

Proposal to give 0 karma for MOON distribution to copy and paste meme posts

Last Month this Proposal has passed the threshold but the idea behind the proposal is too hard to implement According to u/jwinterm comment here , so before making a new proposal stop and think for a min if its possible to implement.

  • Q: What are the terms for a poll to pass?
  • A: For a poll to pass, its winning option needs to have enough Moons to meet a decision threshold. This decision threshold will be set to a minimum of 10% of the Moons supply to start with. The decision threshold will automatically update once a week. At that time, the new decision threshold will be calculated as the average of the existing threshold and the number of Moons cast in favor of the most highly-voted option in governance polls over the last 4 weeks. There will still be a 10% minimum of the existing Moons supply (it can't go lower than that).

  • Q: How many Proposals can pass each round?
  • A: Up until yesterday I thought that only one Proposal could pass each Round , According to u/nanooverbtc each round isn't limited to one poll only , It's possible that Few proposals will pass! But if two proposals that are directly competing will pass the threshold, Only the one with most votes in favor will Pass Be Counted!.

  • Q: What is the Difference between MOON distribution governance poll and community governance polls?
  • A:
  1. Moon Distribution governance poll – Has to be approved by Reddit Admins and meet their voting requirements, which are currently 10% of all MOONs voting for one passing option.
  2. Community governance polls – has to be accepted by the Subreddit Mods and meet their requirements, Currently 10% aswell, for example the poll – Proposal to move all memes to a different subreddit is a Community governance poll.
  3. ***Important Note about Community governance poll*** : Before submitting an Community governance poll make sure to seek feedback by modmail before opening the Poll.

Which Proposal has passed and already in effect:

  1. Proposal – bonus karma for people that keep MOONs in vault- Users that have not moved MOONs out of their vault from the previous month would receive a 20% bonus to their total karma for the purposes of calculating MOON distribution
  2. Proposal: Double Comment Karma – This proposal would cut post karma weight in half, or double comment karma (same effect).

Which Proposal has passed and currently not in effect:

  1. Proposal– Limits the max karma that can be accrued for any one post or comment to 1000.
  2. Proposal– Posts that are flaired COMEDY or MEDIA will have karma weight reduced to 10% with a cap of 500 moons.

These Proposals passed in the last round and should be in effect (Soon) .

If you have Anymore questions that I didn't answer comment them down below and ill try to answer them as best as I can, If you have found something Wrong in my Answers please let me know and ill fix it!

I Hope this post will help you guys 🙂

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