GPU not recognized error…Help!

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GPU not recognized error…Help!

Hey Ravens! Just found this thread….pretty cool guys!

Hey, I have been mining RVN with multiple rigs all Nvidia cards on Gminer.

Have three total workers one uses 4 1050ti's a second uses 3 1080's and 1 1070ti and a third uses 5 1070ti's and 2 1070's….

I have zero problems running the first two but the third rig keeps giving me a "GPU not recognized" error with a red text line on Gminer…..Miner freezes at that point and I have to re-boot….Same problem with all other miners T-rex RavenMiner etc.

Anyone have any ideas? Crazy part is the exact same rig will mine ETH with no problem, tried removing two cards, still problem…..any ideas greatly appreciated, thanks!

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