2017’s BULL RUN: Where did the Top 100 Cryptos Go??

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2017’s BULL RUN: Where did the Top 100 Cryptos Go??

Where did they Go? How many survived?

These Top 100 took place Dec 25th, 2017

Not going to comment on all of them. I'll leave that up to everyone else.

Also if I say "gone" it simply means out of the top 100 unless I say "Gone for good"

Let's take a look…


Bitcoin #1

Sill there glistening at #1, and no surprise there

ETH #2

Still there, and not surprised. Doesn't seem like Vitalik Buterin is going anywhere either.

  1. He might be eternal.
  2. Any normal person would've imploded out of existence by now being that skinny.

He'll still be alive shilling ETH 27.0 long after I'm dead.

BCash #3

Roger Ver is still hanging around. This guy experienced the most hate, and even though he attempted to hi-Jack BTCs status, and went as far as buying Bitcoin dot com, the guy is no quitter.

Ripple #4

Centralized Decentralized? They're still hanging around at number #7

LTC #5

The silver? Of course! At #8 now

Cardano #6

The support I've seen this alt get. Wow. While I don't have any or ever did, I don't see this project leaving the Top 100 or the top 10 anytime soon. ADA sits at #3


Now 26

Dash #8

Still top 100

NEM #9

Still top 100

Monero #10

Still top 100

BTC Gold #11

Still there. The influx of new investors not knowing anything is keeping this one in the Top 100.

EOS #12

Still here

Stellar #12

Still here comfortable at 11

NEO #14

Still top 100

Verge #15

Gone, Lost 100 spots

Eth Classic #16

Still top 100

Tron #17

Top 25. Tron dogs?

Lisk #18

2nd page

NXT #19

Fell off the cliff. Sub 500 now?

Ardor #25



Still top 100

Zcash #22

Still top 100

BitShares #23


Bitconnect #24

Gone for good. Will it be back? Umm umm NO NO NO!

Stratis #25


Populous #26


Tether #27

I don't know who these people really are. They could be bad or good for all I know. But one thing is for certain, these guys are really smart.

A service where each coin is backed by an actual dollar? That simply means it can never be worth that much less than a dollar.

They basically figured out how to be an exchange without actually being an exchange. They just let other exchanges do all the work for them. They take a really tiny fraction of the fees to use it, and simply reinvest it into a bank, and for each $1 profit put back to the bank creates another tether. The trading volume is always consistently high. They will keep growing and growing and growing. If they are allowed to still operate , and crypto sticks around for another few decades they might eventually take the number one away from BTC at $1ea

I personally believe they started off inflated, gained money fast, and was able to reinvest back in before anyone could audit. But who knows. That's what I like to think. I'm happy that way. 😆

Hshare #28

Gone. Not sure where they went. Did they change their name? Or died for good?

Bytecoin #29

BCM had its days. It might not be back.

Komodo #30


Siacoin #31

Still top 100. Somehow.

Doge #32


Steem #33

Great alt. It will be back up.

Digibyte #34

Still top 100

Auger #35

Will pop it's head up again.

Veritaseum #36


PIVX #37

lost 300 places

RaiBlocks(Nano) #38


Ark #39


MonaCoin #40

Gone but Might come back. Japan's first crypto?? I believe.

Decred #41

Still here

SALT #42


Golem #43

Might pop it's head out again.

Reddcoin #44

Gone, But I think we will continue to see Reddcoin pop it's head into the top 100 from time to time. It's always been that way.

Status #45


Ten X #46

LoL, people had serious Fomo for Crypto cards back then. Don't get me wrong I like them but not everyone is going to be the next pay pal of crypto cards

Electronium #47


Byteball bytes #48

I believe Obyte now? Or did this guy leave for good? I used to own some. I forgot

Bitcoin Dark #49

😂. Gone

Santiment Network Token #50

I almost forgot this existed. Long gone.

MaidSafe #51


VChain #52

Still kicking

BAT #53

Still around

SysCoin #54


Civic #55

Gone Could be back

Bytom #56


Walton #57

Remember this? People actually believed walmart started this one. RFIDs?


Power Ledger #58

Might be back, might not

ZCoin #59

This got abandoned by the devs, then forked into Bitcoin Private, got shilled to the top 10, then died off.

Won't be back

DigixDao #60


0x #61

Still around

Kyber Network #62

Gone, but this will come back I believe.

Vertcoin #63


Qash #64


Factom # 65

I liked this one But it's gone to 664

Aeternity #66

Gone and don't care

Gas #67

Gas is going up physically and digitally.

Funfair #68

Still hanging around. Showed it's head a couple weeks ago.

GameCredits #69


Aion # 70


CryptoNex #71

Gone for good i think

Monoco #72

Bought crypto. com

BitBay #73


I believe a polish decentralized marketplace?. Had a ton of potential but I think polish government got involved. Didn't like the idea of decentralization. They were gaining traction fast.

Correct me if I have the wrong country or wrong coin. lol

Ethos #74

EDIT: became voyager token VGX. Still top 100 and now 44ish. – credit to u/DemApples4u

Einstienium #75

Gone, but always loved that name.

Gnosis #76


Dragonchain #77


Iconomi #78

Gone for good

Decentraland #79

Still hanging in there

GXshares #80


ChainLink #81

Better believe it. It was $0.57 then.

Dent #82

Gone but will be back

Nexus # 83

Gone but has potential

Digital Note #84

Way gone

Request # 85


Substratum #87

Way gone.

Edgeless #88

Hitched a ride with Substratum. Lol

Blocknet #91


Raiden Network #92

Gone but lots of potential.

Ubiq #93


SONM #94


Centra #95

Gone for good

Bancor #96

Still around!

Metal #97

Might get pump and dumped during a bear market.

NavCoin #98

Gone, but it's legit. Don't count it out for good.

Storj #99


Times New Bank #100

Gone Never owned it and still don't know what the hell it is.

Again when I say gone I simply just mean off the top 100. 😉

How many are still top 100?

32, that's less that 1/3

How many left?

68 2/3rd

That's how many alts fell off the top 100.

How many gone for good? 10 give it take

According to previous bull run data from 2013(pre-ethereum era), 33 out of 37 are gone.

There's no reason to doubt at least 50 alts we see in the top today won't be in the top 100 in a few years. Doesn't mean they will all die, and many of these older ones are still in the top 200

Just simply means your long term HODLs outside of the top 10 have a 55-60% chance of not working out well for big gains.

That only makes sense.

As of now we don't need 1000 Different Cryptos yet. So you better believe many on top today won't be here another day. What we need privacy, it's our #1 concern really.

We need digital to protect against centralized fractional reserve banking that makes your $1 worth $0.01ea, and of course infinite scalability.

We will always need Altcoins. BTC is great gold king, and will always be that way I believe. However, those dam gas fees. Even eth.

The more adoption we get the more alts will be needed.

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