Ravencoin painting / art (giveaway)

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Ravencoin painting / art (giveaway)

Ravencoin painting / art (giveaway)

I really hope this does not get flagged as spam

My hobby is create stuff and I have created in the past a numbered set of arts that sold really well. Now when I red about raven assets I had to purchase one! It's a really exiting to be sold as proof ow an ownership! At the moment I do not have an art piece series on the sale that I could use the asset for, so I created one:


This one "Raven 0" I will give away and send to one of you commenters of this post at the end of this month!
I only ask that you will pay the postal because they are quite expensive from Finland.
You will get this ~20cm * 20cm * 7cm painting and as well as the digital asset that prooves you own this "Raven 0" (actually didn't yet test that can you add comment or title to one piece of an asset..)

What do you think of this "painting" ?

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