Lets work together!

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Lets work together!

Everyone that invested in Crypto is extremely early in the Game! That being said, I dont understand why exchanges between Communitys in the Crypto Space on Reddit is often hostile. We all wanna promote the advantages of Cryptocurrencys, we all have invested, we might have different Ideals or Reasons for doing so, but all Communitys share the same Love for Cryptocurrencys.

My personal Opinion is, if you see a Post on r/CryptoCurrency or on one of the other Cryptocommunitys, and it isnt a scam, someone acting in bad faith or it being spammed, just upvote it! You have NOTHING to lose and can gain more traction for Topics surrounding Cryptocurrencys and raise awareness, therefore bringing more People to the Cryptocurrency Space! I really hope I dont have to explain why this means gains for everyone.

Please stop acting hostile towards others Cryptocommunitys on r/CryptoCurrency or on one of the Subs! Ethereum Traders being angry with Gas Fees and making suggestions for how to fix it? Upvote it! A Bitcoin Maxi being happy about Bitcoin being a Store of Value? Upvote it! A Nano enthusiast sharing his enthusiasm for Nano being Feeless? Upvote it! There is NOTHING to lose for you making a simple click!

Thanks you for listening, have a Great day Guys.

Also sorry for my english, its not my first language.

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