Let’s help the noobs instead of bashing them. Good places to start learning thread.

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Let’s help the noobs instead of bashing them. Good places to start learning thread.

I've been into crypto since 2013 but didn't actually buy any until 2017 due to being a student/busy/kept forgetting/etc.

In that time, I haven't really learned as much as I would like so I've started spending more time lately looking into the actual technology involved to be better prepared for when crypto is commonplace in the future.

Let's leave the elitism of fiat in the old world and welcome newcomers and help educate them so that crypto will continue to grow and be adopted faster.

We don't need the "I got into this three weeks before you so I'm superior" high school fragile ego BS in this space.

Edit: I'm mostly referring to a general environment, not this sub specifically. Everyone is usually pretty chill here.

So post your links to legit sources of info that would help all the newcomers and people like me who aren't new but haven't dived in too far yet and lets make crypto a better place.

My contribution is actually from Ledger as I just got a Nano X and was looking through their site, good basic overview starts here:


Suggestions from the comments:






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