Does anyone still actually care about Cryptocurrency?

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Does anyone still actually care about Cryptocurrency?

When I got into cryptocurrency late 2014 the community on Reddit/Twitter was always talking about how their coins could change the world for the better. I bought my first Bitcoin because I believed their narrative about how crypto could revolutionize the world being anonymous (BTC was anonymous at that time) and censorship resistant.

Nowadays I almost never see that spirit around anymore, most coin-specific subreddits evolved into circlejerking cults without allowing any form of criticism. Around here it's almost solely price talk or price related talk, without any actual discussion about how the tech and its implications can change the world for the better. Just looking at the top posts now; one is about a shitty Youtuber, another about owning more crypto, another one about making sick gains. Where are the heated discussions about why coin "X" is superior to coin ''Y''? Are we all just here wanting to be rich and sell our coins to the next bagholder wanting to be rich?

I know it's not just 'about the tech' as everyone hopes that their coins appreciates in value, but does anyone actually still care about Cryptocurrency or have we evolved to the 'number go up' mindset running for the next coin with good pumpamentals completely?

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