Poll: Should we ban NFT advertisements from r/Ethereum?

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Poll: Should we ban NFT advertisements from r/Ethereum?

Question: Should NFT advertisements be banned from r/Ethereum?

Up-vote = yes, we ban NFT advertising; topics about NFT as a technology are okay.

Down-vote = no, NFT advertisements should be accepted, people just want to share their creations.

Edit: Please go to the following post that has a real link —> https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/lvi19w/should_we_ban_nft_ads_on_rethereum/

Edit: This poll is flawed because it doesn’t adequately represent the people who want NFT content (by this I mean posting of specific minted NFTs that have a price, not discussing NFTs generally). I didn’t have the option to post a poll on mobile, so if someone can make a post that can improve this existing post, please do and I’ll delete this. We want a poll to accurately reflect the community.

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