Thanks for your patience – Jalapeño vote audit results!

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Thanks for your patience – Jalapeño vote audit results!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank you so much for your patience! We have done an aggressive audit of all votes, and have official numbers. They are now reflected on, and vote number 8 is open! We did find significant vote manipulation and will continue to combat this in future elections. For the record, the official count is as follows: BTZ: 509 (winner) NYC: 297 (second) Garlicoin: 64 Followed by Electra, LTC, and Moon. PLEASE NOTE that some totally legit email addresses may not be counted – if you voted and didn't confirm your email address, your vote may not be in. It is in our records as “pending,"" and not lost. If you feel that your vote is at risk, please email us directly at from the email address in question, and I will personally verify the state of your vote.

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