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Bitcoin hits $51K as short-term bull case strengthens amid weakening dollar

Bitcoin rallies above $51,000 as the dollar stagnates, showing signs of a short-term top.

Anyone have Kovan eth?

Trying to test something with aave but can’t find a faucet. My address is 0x426B73eE435eA4F2a3774D529856bAcdbf163B8A Much thanks submitted by /u/Crypto- [link] [comments]

Vitalik proposes solution to link certain layer-two scaling projects

L2 DeFi protocols currently cannot communicate with each other, so Vitalik has proposed a fix.

Do you guys like faucets here?

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Free fantasy soccer crypto game launched by Ubisoft and Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League

Ubisoft in partnership with Belgium Pro Soccer league has launched a free to play crypto soccer game.

Ethereum name origin

Ok my fellow Ethereuminians. Where do you think the word Ethereum started. I saw a movie from 1986 that has Ethereum in it in the shape of the logo. Is there anything earlier we can stem it back too? I'll say the movie when I get some guesses on the post. I wanna hear outside…
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Bitfarms set to acquire 48,000 new miners in 2022 despite chip shortage

Chinese supplier MicroBT will be providing the new hardware over the next two years.

Good evening everyone! I’m excited! (Small time mining life.)

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TA: Bitcoin Holding Gains, Why BTC Could Surge Above $50K

Bitcoin price recovered above $48,000, but it failed near $50,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is now holding gains above $47,000 and it is likely to make another attempt to surpass $50,000. Bitcoin is consolidating gains above the $47,000 and $46,500 support levels. The price is now trading well above $47,000 and the 100 hourly […]

Having trouble getting started mining

I just got my new GPU in today and hooked it up and updated the drivers. Then I started to do stuff needed to start mining RVN. I got the Raven Wallet, and start trying to join mining pools but none of the bat files would run. I tried T-Rex at first but it said…
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