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Ravencoin Analysis & Review

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Ethereum 2.0 transaction fees?

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Sold my bitcoin at 33k

I held my half bitcoin through out the crash in 2018 and finally decided to sell it a month ago. I bought at 15.5k and sold at 33k profiting around 10k. I’m now punching myself in the dick. This is what happens when you check them charts every 5 mins and paper hands them. Learn…
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Crypto exchange KuCoin opens beta test on new 3x leveraged BTC and ETH tokens

CryptoNinjas » Crypto exchange KuCoin opens beta test on new 3x leveraged BTC and ETH tokens KuCoin, a popular bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that its forthcoming leveraged token product has been made available for beta testing. The first set of leveraged tokens offered include bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH); with the ability to go long…
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Show Reddit: SpaceX shares tokenized as a pre-IPO Defi Token

We just launched a pre-IPO token called vSPACEX. The coins track SpaceX shares, and is redeemable for the value of SpaceX when it IPOs. If you've wanted to invest in SpaceX or support SpaceX's share price, this is one way to do it. The code is all open source. The value is locked on the…
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March 4 technical analysis for btc and rvn timestamps in the link, not financial advice

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BAT and Brave Browser

Yuval Noah Harari had a great part in one of his books which talked about the story of the indigenous people who sold Manhattan to colonizers for trinkets and beads because they didn't understand how someone could own land, or the value that owning it has. He compared that situation to the modern day, where…
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Dogecoin Adoption Rises: Bitpay Lets Merchants Accept DOGE, Coinflip’s 1,800 ATMs Now List the Crypto

Crypto merchant service provider Bitpay has added dogecoin to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. One of its merchants, the Mark Cuban-owned Dallas Mavericks has become the first in the network to accept the meme coin. Meanwhile, a major crypto ATM operator Coinflip has made dogecoin available for purchase at its 1,800 crypto ATMs nationwide. Dogecoin […]

Decentralized cloud Akash Network integrates with Equinix Metal

CryptoNinjas » Decentralized cloud Akash Network integrates with Equinix Metal Akash Network, a cloud platform built for DeFi, and decentralized projects, has announced it will be integrating with Equinix Metal to enable developers and companies to decentralize their cloud infrastructure through Akash DeCloud: Mainnet 2. Equinix is the world’s largest data center and colocation infrastructure…
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Ravencoin Project status update

Hi everyone, I recently jumped on the RVN holders train. I started to look online and inform myself about the Raven project, but after taking a look at Raven's Github, my impression is that after the initial sprint, the development almost stopped. Raven's popularity is increasing, so development should accellerate but I don't see any…
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