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How to loan yourself 8 quintillion dollars

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Not looking good…

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Ravencoin Discord

I need an invite to Join the discord community of rvn could someone help me out with that pls submitted by /u/Less_Hotel_6786 [link] [comments]

Should I ditch Litebit?

I started recently trading in bitcoins and I was directed towards Litebit as the go to broker, however in the past few days i've been paying more and more attention to fluctuations and I noticed that prices on Litebit take ages to update, sometimes they don't even update at all. ETH right now is close…
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The absolute shitshow that is YouTube crypto content

I’m a developer and naturally I wanted to create a crypto trading bot because made mad gains yo!!!1one I head over to Github, find a few decent looking projects. Some even look really solid and a few have great documentation. Nice! I deploy a couple on my homelab to compare and I realize I don’t…
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