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Blockchain group INATBA reiterates concerns over proposed European regulations

The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications has faulted some aspects of the European Commission’s proposed crypto regulations.

I think Cardano is not what everyone think it is…. and you should be careful where you put your money in.

Hi there, sorry to bring bad news but lately Cardano is showing a little bit fishy. Along with a friend we're trying to get the first "getting started" tutorial working directly from Cardano's dev page. 16 days already passed with not a single answer from the devs or anyone, just more people trying to get…
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Using flashbots as a backdoor path to account abstraction

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What effect could have the 1st of April ETH event in others PoW cryptocurrency’s?

I have some mixed feelings about this movement, and i'm afraid this turns out negatively not just for ETH but for some other PoW cryptos. What do you think will happen? Can it have impact in Ravencoin also? submitted by /u/bmgsilva [link] [comments]

Is this idea possible to create with a smart contract?

Here's the context. So suppose I have a wallet on a platform that has 10ETH in it. Let's call it Wallet A. I want to send that 10ETH from Wallet A to Wallet B, but during the course of sending to Wallet B, I would like 20% of the sent Eth to be redirected to…
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JP Morgan Launching Crypto Investment Product Tracking Public Company Stocks With Bitcoin Exposure

JP Morgan is launching a structured investment product based on the performance of its “Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket,” which tracks stocks of publicly traded companies with exposure to cryptocurrencies. The weight of each stock is “determined based in part on exposure to bitcoin, correlation to bitcoin and liquidity,” according to the company’s filing with the U.S. […]

I just received my first crypto donation for software I wrote!

I released a chess openings explorer earlier today and someone just sent 3 doge to my doge donation address! I'm psyched that someone liked it enough to donate! If anyone's interested in the opening explorer, it's here: submitted by /u/haddock420 [link] [comments]

The things the DoJ’s latest move against McAfee has taught us

The actions against McAfee by the DoJ and the IRS represent a worrying shift in the view of the U.S. government’s criminal enforcement arm.

ConsenSys Quorum Adds Enhancements for Ethereum Mainnet

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