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Looking for Developer Feedback

Hi r/ethereum, hope your day is going swell. I'm a lawyer whose been involved in a non-technical way for a few years. I'm non-technical, but I teach a Bitcoin/Crypto course to lawyers and professionals and have developed a bit of a practice manual for dealing with the additional complexities of clients who hold crypto of…
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Backing up your desktop Wallet (Raven Core Wallet)

I just responded to another post but thought I should share it as its own thread also I posted this somewhere else a few years ago but thought it will be helpful with all the new users. ​ You can always corrupt your wallet.dat – i.e. Not waiting for it to close properly. Or you…
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Local Grants Honduras & Colombia Roundup [ENG/ESP]

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HiveOS help with consistent hasrates

Hey guys, I am new to mining and to ravencoin and was wondering if I could get some assistance. I currently have HiveOS installed and 5 580s 4GB mining RVN. The issues is that my hashrates are very inconsistent and not really getting the mhs I want. I tried mining the cards individually and they…
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How can we contribute to ETH development?

I’m a fairly elite software developer who happens to be very long ETH in my investment portfolio. Given that I have some spare time, it’d make a lot of sense if there were some way I could leverage my skill sets to increase the expected-value of my portfolio by strengthening the ETH ecosystem. The EIPs…
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Karma SOS

Anyone willing to offer me Vp a few upvotes so I can get some dang Karma. I’m tired of being told I can’t comment on posts because I don’t have enough “Karma”. I’m frustrated because I think I’ve done right by the universe in my life. I mean I pick up trash and warn people…
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Watershed moment? Bitcoin price exceeded all expectations in February

Is this the moment of truth for the real value of Bitcoin? February seems to have been a watershed moment in its history.

Thai Financial Regulator Claims Controversial Crypto Rule Proposal Was Just to Gauge Public Opinion

The Thai financial watchdog has reportedly retreated from its initial controversial crypto rule proposal. Citing the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a local media outlet stated that public criticism was significant regarding the matter. People ‘Misunderstood’ Minimum Annual Income Rule, Claims the SEC According to the Bangkok Post, the Thai SEC is retracting from […]

How to loan yourself 8 quintillion dollars

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