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Miners upset with EIP-1559?

I have seen a lot of comments about Etheruem being too centralized off of this decision and miners are saying that it is going to kill the coin. What do you guys think about this? I see it as a good thing, high gas fees can kill the coin while miners get the short-term profits.…
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NFT hype will calm, but the concept won't disappear, MEW founder speculates

Nonfungible tokens are all the rage right now, but how long will the fanfare last?

Low clock speeds on 3070?

I have two different machines with a 3070 running Kawpow. Neither one is overclocked. According to gminer, one is at 27 mh/s with 1300 core, and the other is only pulling 16 mh/s and 600 core. How to I increase the performance of the second machine? Trying to overclock the core speed +700 causes it…
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Rvn hashrate for rtx3060

Anybody want to share their numbers? submitted by /u/Petfre [link] [comments]

Made an informational post about RVN

I hope this is ok to share on here. I’ve started a crypto education and information page to help people learn more about crypto and get some more honest and reliable info. Trying to help people not fall victim to scammers and misinformation on social media. I recently made a post about Ravencoin to spread…
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P2P crypto escrow platform Escaroo adds staking function from Moonstake

CryptoNinjas » P2P crypto escrow platform Escaroo adds staking function from Moonstake Moonstake, a staking pool protocol platform, today announced a partnership with Escaroo, a keyless blockchain-based peer-to-peer escrow service that offers an advanced smart contract solution for high-profile individual and commercial clients within the real estate, aviation, and marine space. Through this strategic collaboration,…
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Why do the main crypto subs not talk about RVN?

I see them talking about Nano quite a bit, which has a smaller market cap. There is never any mention of RVN even in the daily threads. Any ideas why? I could imagine the main subs buying into the RVN case pretty hard (especially with the catalyst of ETH going to PoS). submitted by…
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Good reading on Game Theory and Tokens Economics?

I'm looking for books or articles about game theory and token economics. Anyone have any good suggestions? I'm looking for stuff that's somewhat noob friendly. I'm pretty familiar with technicals of blockchain, but the economics I'm fuzzy on. submitted by /u/OopsSudoBangBang [link] [comments]