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RVN as a Bitcoin fork question

Hey guys, I'm a bit of a newb and was wondering: When BCH forked I had a little bit of BTC in a wallet I had the keys for, and unless I remember wrong, I was able to get a little of BCH for free at the time because of it. Does RVN being a…
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Can anyone answer a few questions about NFT’s

I understand what they are, i have a couple of questions about them. Whats the legality of selling an NFT with something that is trademarked of copyrighted. Since the blockchain is anonymous how is coca cola going to take action againt wallet id xx0w203nb0v02324nc0823947g7v0c8n30g when they sell an NFT of their logo? whats stoping an…
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Thoughts after my first month with Crypto

TL:DR: I'm here to stay and watch this become the new normal. Also I'm honored to die trading alongside each of you, moonsters. Disclaimer: I've never traded anything, so this was a very raw thing for me. I had a lot to figure out & understand.   It all started on 11/1. My binance account…
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The Future of algorithmic stable coin

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Build an Emergency Fund before you invest in Crypto

Financial basics because it might be useful.. Especially as we are all experiencing financial impacts of these ever changing times. Crazy shit can happen at any time. A pandemic, job losses, entire industry sectors halted, an emergency surgery, a major car malfunction, emergency travel, the list of things that we will experience sooner or later…
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Earn free ravencoin and other 19 cryptocurrencies with this site

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Can we add a leaderboard for the top MOON tippers in this sub?

I think it would be a cool idea (if possible) to add a leaderboard of the users that have tipped the most moons, or even an (optional?) icon with the amount tipped by the user historically. IMO a compelling use-case of MOONs is to give back to “creators” whose content you value, whether that be…
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Locked Parity Multisig Funds Unlocked in EIP-1559 ?

Someone told me that the funds from the Parity Multisig fiasco would be unlocked in this next hard fork. Is that true or not? When browsing the EIP notes I can't find anything about it. submitted by /u/jedigras [link] [comments]

DeFi will bring a new golden age for the film industry

There are opportunities to be leveraged in bringing DeFi to the film industry, making the investing process easier and more transparent.