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Geth v1.10.1 – Berlin hard fork ready!

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Ethereum wallet balances on a certain date?

I'm wondering if there's a way to see what my Ethereum token balances in my wallet were on a certain date? It's for tax purposes. Thanks! submitted by /u/Baelishx [link] [comments]

If crypto was a sport league and coins a team. Welcome to the Crypto Fantasy League (Week 1)

Ladies and gentleman’s, welcome to the Fantasy Crypto league (week 1). I decided to have some fun and create an fantasy crypto league with all the top 20 coins who are currently listed in the TOP 20 Cryptocurrencies by market cap. I will do this regularly if this catches some interest in this sub. We…
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Smart-contract creator corruption and DAO control

Hi there ! The following question is based on my understanding of the smart-contracts functioning, maybe I'm wrong and I would be happy to be corrected. So, I was wondering, if you want to be sure that the code deployed on the network is controlled by the DAO and not the creator of the smart-contract…
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Hello Ravencoin comunity

I am very new to cryptos and just started mining and I was searching for new coins and found Splendid coin and they are saying that is Ravencoin fork. I am wondering if these are related somehow and if I should mine it or not? Thank you! submitted by /u/Radu_Rednic [link] [comments]

ETH 2.0 is still years away

Hi all. From what I understand, ETH 2.0 is still years away due to the slow pace at which it develops. Until then it is possible to see a huge development for DOT, BNB and even ADA. At least one of the platforms / currencies mentioned could theoretically dethrone ETH/ETH 2.0. What do you think?…
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Bitcoin closes its second-best week ever: 5 things to watch in BTC this week

$50,000 support remains elusive but data suggests that the Bitcoin bull run is still “sustainable” with few sellers lined up.

Where can I exchange my ravencoin for BTC or USD?

I want to sell my raven coin , where do I sell it please help! submitted by /u/WALTERWHTIE [link] [comments]

RVN Friends

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McAfee claims DOGE price prediction to blame for latest US charges

Detained antivirus software entrepreneur John McAfee points a 1,000% spike of DOGE since he called it the “coin of the week” years ago.