Bittensor (TAO) hype or not

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Bittensor (TAO) hype or not

After reading the whitepaper it looks to me that this is a very interesting project.

Of course the recent pump got my attention, it's something fresh, without many listings on big exchanges.

So decentralised Blockchain-based machine learning?

"Chattensor" the equivalent blockchain ChatGPT?

Great tokenomics, with GPU-mining and bitcoin philosophy underneath. Only 21 million coin max, and right now not even 6 million in circulation. Also, it has delegated staking, meaning most of coins are staked, so very few in circulation, I think more than 90% is staked.

The hype is real guys, this project has something at the moment, just be careful not to get dumped.

What's your opinion about this project, it seems that is not discussed a lot, so I would like to hear your opinions about it.

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