🎮 Ryan Wyatt started working in Web3 a year ago. Here’s what he learn

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🎮 Ryan Wyatt started working in Web3 a year ago. Here’s what he learn

Polygon needs no introduction at this point.

It's one of the most high-profile layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

It has attracted more than 300 games, making it one of the chains with the highest gaming transaction volume.

Also, it has secured high-profile partnerships with:

• Meta and Instagram.

• Starbucks.

• Reddit.

One year ago, Polygon hired the former head of gaming at YouTube, Ryan Wyatt, as the CEO of Polygon Studios.

In a recent tweet, he shared what he learned during his first year building in Web3.

Here are the key insights:

1/ The Web3 revolution should be community-led

Idolizing and putting our trust in figures like SBF doesn't work.

We should focus on decentralization, giving power back to the people who can build a brighter and more decentralized future for all of us.

2/ Be adaptive

Polygon Studios has a 5-day strategy and a 5-year strategy because the Web3 space is so volatile that you've to be quick to adapt.

3/ Worrying isn't helpful

Web3 has a lot of ups and downs, so it could make your mind constantly worry.

Don't let it go crazy.

Find your role, play to your strengths and build.

4/ There's no blueprint

The Web3 space is still young, so there's no blueprint one company could follow and succeed.

5/ Web3 is real

Despite what the media and the naysayers have to say, the interest in Web3 ain't slowing down.

Companies like Reddit, Starbucks, Instagram, Adidas, and Nike have all entered the Web3 space and will continue to build in it.

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