Sadly I hate current ETH

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Sadly I hate current ETH

Why? I am not a crypto dude. I am a developer. I am a normal dude. I want a system that solves problems. As most of the people do. I want to send money, stake it and be secure without central figures. That is why I loved eth. There is so much I hate. I feel like I am doing it wrong. Please teach me if I am that wrong. This is not a hater talking.

I want to use a Defi wallet. No coinbase no binance. FTX was a clear indicator. Centralized crypto is a joke.

I wanted to buy and stake ETH as the price is pretty good in my opinion. Bought it on binance sent it to my wallet 4 dolars in the trash. Then wanted to stake it. Joined a pool (Stakewise) another 4 dollars. Cool I am done. I just want to reinvest my gains and forget it. Oh another 4 dollars in ETH for reinvesting 0.07 dollars worth of their token?

WTF! I want to destake? It is not implemented. Lets say it has been implemented. It is another 4 dollars. WHY? Was this not supposed to be a good solution? Why everything is so expensive?

Then I said ok let's leave ETH mainnet. Let's try Polygon. It seems cool. Low fees. Built on ETH network. Looks secure. You want to stake? 4 dollars in ETH again. I just hate it.

Which network to use? How do you not pay this bullshit fees without relying on a central figure? Please someone teach me. IF there is no solution crypto in my opinion is going to be a cool old thing real soon.

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