About TPS 100,000 In L2

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About TPS 100,000 In L2

At 100,000 TPS, the following situation occurs. This situation presupposes that the block space can also support 100,000. You can't run away with boasting, "We're 100,000 TPS," and at the same time making excuses, "We can't hold more than 10,000 TXs per block."

If there are currently 10,000 TXs.

In this case, there is no competition for block space. Therefore, there is still room for 90,000 TXs. In this situation, the gas cost will be 1wei. But in this situation, if A > B, B > A prank TX is executed at 90,000 per second, how can it be prevented? Someone seems to think of this as a DDos attack, but it has nothing to do with DDos. This is because it can happen only on Geth P2P without access through the web. In this case, the P2P nodes will only be piled up with trash.

In this situation, is L2 preparing a security code that can "preliminarily" distinguish between 10,000 normal TXs and 90,000 abnormal TXs?

This is a very fundamental problem. Any way will eventually become expedient. In my opinion, 90,000 prank TXs have no choice but to catch them afterwards.

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