RavenBay (i haven’t forgotten about you guys)

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RavenBay (i haven’t forgotten about you guys)

I didn’t expect the kind of response I got out the gate. I wasn’t ready and the underlying functionality was just missing. It made everything super complicated.

I was awake 24/7 trying my best to wear 20 different hats which 15 could have easily been taken care of by a little coding and dev work.

I’m 24, in school, and broke as fk… I had to choose between getting evicted and being late on all my bills because I’m not working for apps like Uber ect. Or work on the RavenBay site that was flawed from the start.

It broke my heart… I didn’t sleep most nights because I feel like I made a huge mistake even though I just wanted to create something of value for the community.

I’m learning how to code so I can make this thing as amazing as it can be and fill the shoes of its potential. I’m alone in working in this, I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m gonna try my best to keep failing over and over until I get it right; fail fast, fail often.

I made a discord that isn’t built out at all. click here to join . All the assets are minted on chain. So if you had membership, it’s there forever. If you got caught when I imploded, message me in the discord server and I’ll make it right.

For what it’s worth, the costs of maintaining the site on wix was over $100 a month. I just couldn’t sustain it. But I’m going to run my own server and build the site myself so it can sustain itself forever. I just need time.

Thanks GGfien

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