Let’s be real! Tornado Cash is not open source. It is not free speech.

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Let’s be real! Tornado Cash is not open source. It is not free speech.

I see this narrative spread on this forum and elsewhere. But let's be real about what Tornado Cash is. I'm not saying that it should or shouldn't be banned. I'm saying a lot of people are spewing a lot of bullshit defending Tornado Cash. At least use arguments that make sense.

Sure Tornado Cash code is open source. Does that say anything about what the code does? No. A malware can be open source and still a malware. Making code open source does not protect it from the law or anything really. It means that the code is public. Nothing more and nothing less. If Tornado Cash was closed source, the government could not give less fucks. They would still ban it. So please stop calling this "war on open source" because it is not that! That is utter nonsense!

Tornado Cash is not free speech. It is a financial tool that hides the source of money. It is EXACTLY that. It enables anyone to wash stolen crypto and hide transactions from the taxman. Free speech cannot achieve that. If there was a way to launder money with speech, that speech would have been banned long time ago. But regardless, Tornado Cash is a financial instrument designed for a specific function that government doesn't like for obvious reasons.

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