Its time to level up. You are using censored ethereum.

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Its time to level up. You are using censored ethereum.

For those who have missed out on what happened in the last 24-48h

  • URL taken down

  • not relaying ENS anymore. From their Website: "Why do we need ETH.LIMO?" One answer among claiming to be "decentralized alternative to Cloudflare’s often unreliable": to prevent threat of "Censorship". Now they just did the censorshop. is garbage now. Fun fact: Cloudflare operated still works for tornadocash.eth

  • INFURA blocking interaction with tornado cash smart contracts. Yes, if you are using metamask, you are now using censored ethereum. Its garbage now. Replace infura endpoint with for instance ( Much better: Run your own Etherum node.

  • Github just deleted the source code of tornado cash. Its also garbage now for web3 purposes. Understand that github is not an open source host, its a censored source host now.

  • USDC "frozen"

The good news is that web3 underlying architecture is uncensorable and decentralized indeed. But if we keep relying on BS centralized gateways and services like or metamask this doesn't work. Where are the metamask alternatives? I don't want them to start messing with my private keys.

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