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The standard caveats apply- I believe in this project and want it to succeed etc.

I came across the ravencoin Foundation website now and the state it is in made me have genuine fear for the future of the project. The site makes it pretty evident that the foundation is under-funded. It is laudable that they have published the accounts online ; shows the foundation's commitment to transparency. But fact remains that the only corpus seems to be the 125k donated by Medici Ventures, of which 112k is remaining.

This certainly is not sufficient war chest to go against the well-funded competitions. I would have been okay if the foundation kept a portion of the coins pre-mine if it meant having enough resources to grow the ecosystem. But seems like the true cost of fair mining policy is that there is no single entity incentivised to grow the ecosystem. (Tron Black seems to be the lone warrior. And my instinct tells me he is more legit than the celebrated CH from Cardano).

The foundation website also publishes the minutes of meetings of the board of directors of the foundation. It seems like after May, the Board has not met. And even in the last meeting it had, no substantive masters were discussed.

Are we running out of runway?

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