Looking for users to help test Electrum-Ravencoin 0.4.0

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Looking for users to help test Electrum-Ravencoin 0.4.0

Hello all,

I am the developer working on Electrum-Ravencoin — an open-source, software wallet specifically focused on ravencoin.

I am looking for users to help test (really just play with) the upcoming version which allows for main, sub, and unique asset creations and reissues (unfortunately we are waiting for hardware firmware updates, but electrum will be able to do asset operations with hardware when these are ready).

Since many are not familiar with github, I have made a publicly comment-able google doc where people can comment problems that they have.


This document also shows what functions should be focused on and how to run the wallet in testnet mode.

Hopefully no trouble comes from this, and if this get too hectic, I will lock the google doc with extra instruction.

If you need tRVN please post your address in the comments! 🙂

Thank you in advance!

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