How long have you been in the Crypto game?

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How long have you been in the Crypto game?

I started mining BTC in 2009. I had a HUGE farm with over 100 gpus.

The best GPUs to get at the time were these 5850s.

If you were a baller, you got the dual gpu card.

7870 cards were also very nice. NVidia was not in the game at all. It was ALL ATI Radeon.

This was back in the day before any GUIs, there were only a couple of miners to choose from, you had to manually configure EVERYTHING and there weren't any real exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

Mt. Gox was the biggest exchange. It used to be called Magic the Gathering Online Xchange – it was going to be for that old Magic Card game. But then BTC started getting bigger and it became a crypto site.

There was no other coin to mine. Like how there are 120743209 coins now. Then ASIC started to come out. GPU farmers like me were furious. That was the first LEGIT and REAL "end of GPU mining" threat. So what happened? Litecoin came out. You could mine LTC on gpu only for a while. Then ASIC came out for SCRYPT. So a new GPU coin had to be born! Then came VTC.

VTC is still around and has done JACK SH*T in the crypto world. That is why I do not mine it and I chose RVN. RVN has been around less than half the time and has done WAY more and will continue to do WAY more than VTC.

That is all for now.


The biggest reason I am posting this is to let you know … YOU DO NOT know everything about crypto, unless you have been around since 2009. I see these folks in here that have been around for like 2 years and they think they know it all. It is hilarious, don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing all the unintentional comedy in here from n00bs who think they know how crypto goes.

Just be careful who you take advice from. You might be getting advice from someone with 12 years of knowledge, or 12 weeks!

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