Day 6 – 12 Of Choosing To Buy Crypto Instead Of Cigarettes! Weekly Update

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Day 6 – 12 Of Choosing To Buy Crypto Instead Of Cigarettes! Weekly Update

I'll start with my thoughts on the daily DCA I've been doing, then a bit about the smoking, and end with the details of my daily purchases for the data lovers.

So I've been buying $6.27 of btc every day for the last 12 days which is the current price of a pack of cigs that I would normally buy. The idea being that I would rather put that money into something more productive than burning it to ash. I know 12 days isn't a whole lot of data yet, but it's been interesting to observe. With all the crab walking the price just goes up and down a little and my profit is usually around 1 or 2 dollars above or below. I've started looking forward to the days when I'm in the red because that means I'll be getting a cheaper price that day. But really I'm actually accumulating a larger number of sats on those days. I'd like to build up as many as I can, WHILE I can. It's going to be interesting to see how daily DCA works when we start actually climbing again. This whole process has really changed the way I think about a lot of different things and I'm glad I started. My goal is to just keep it going every day, nice and simple.

As far as smoking goes I haven't been able to completely quit yet, but I have managed to stay under 5 cigs a day consistently. Not too bad compared to the 1-2 packs I normally smoked a day. One day I even had 0 and it wasn't too bad. As a result of not having enough money to buy a pack, since I put my $6.27 into btc. One thing that has really helped is the rule I set for myself. If I absolutely have to smoke, then I can't do anything else while I'm doing it. No scrolling through my phone, no chit chatting, no working on the computer, no driving, no nothing. I just have to sit there alone with my thoughts while I smoke. More often than not I'll put the cigarette out halfway through or even less. That's been the key for me lately. Normally I would sit on my phone and have a cigarette burning and end up going through 2 or 3 without even realizing it. It's this thing I absently do while I'm doing other things. I'd kind of forgotten about the excuse smoking gave me to go be alone with my thoughts periodically. That's when I get struck by ideas, and solutions to problems. I need to practice doing that without the cigarette.

I've really missed being able to do this daily. And I'm curious how everyone else has been doing with it. Are you still keeping up with it? Have you had to start over? What's your experience been like?

Here's my data: $6.27 purchase of bitcoin daily Fee: $0.19 per transaction on cashapp

June Day 1 6/25 btc 0.00019109 @$31,817.47 Day 2 6/26 btc 0.00019420 @$31,307.93 Day 3 6/27 btc 0.00018532 @$32,808.12 Day 4 6/28 btc 0.00017691 @$34,367.76 Day 5 6/29 btc 0.00016750 @$36,298.51 Day 6 6/30 btc 0.00017561 @$34,622.17

July Day 7 7/01 btc 0.00018111 @$33,570.76 Day 8 7/02 btc 0.00018291 @$33,240.39 Day 9 7/03 btc 0.00017562 @$34,620.20 Day 10 7/04 btc 0.00017150 @$35,451.90 Day 11 7/05 btc 0.00018050 @$33,684.21 Day 12 7/06 btc 0.00017863 @$34,036.34

Total investment: $75.24 Total BTC: 0.0021609 Current value: $73.48 – 07/06/21

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