New CoinMarketCap Earn Availabe. $8 in GRT

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New CoinMarketCap Earn Availabe. $8 in GRT

Hey guys, welcome to my 5th post on how to earn some free crypto with Earn activities.

Like most of you guys already use Coinbase for their Earn activities for various crypto on their platform, CoinMarketCap also offers those Earn Activities.

This time they have released a new Earn activity for The Graph aka GRT

This has been released earlier but they made it available again.

See below all info regarding the Earn Activity.

To be earned: $8 in value as of now, but 10 GRT Tokens.


1: 10,000,000,000

2: An indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data

3: Open APIs that anyone can query

4: GraphQL

5: Signal on quality subgraphs by depositing GRT (The Graphs native token) in return for curation shares

6: Node operators that index data and serve queries

7: For economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed

8: Help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process data for the crypto economy

Please remember that Coinmarketcap pays out after 2 to 4 weeks, this is how they usually do these activities unlike the direct payment that Coinbase does. No worries, there's a big chance that your 10 GRT tokens turns into $15 by the time you receive it.

They will email you once you have send the form.

I hope I have helped you 🙂

I had posted the MATIC Earn activity a while ago, please make that one too if it's still active…..

small moon tips are very welcome

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