BSOD.PW Pool and NBMiner

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BSOD.PW Pool and NBMiner

So I know on the site they direct you to download t-rex but t-rex is very very hard on my card. Yes i'm aware I can reconfigure t-rex so it isn't so intense but more out of curiousity i'm wondering why when I ran nbminer on it for close to 8 hours, shares were being accepted, my miner showed up on the site immediately. Not even .0000001 rvn confirmed or unconfirmed in 8 hours. On I can mine for 8 hours and get close to 15-20 coins (depends, of course). Does anyone know why NBMiner wont work with BSOD.PW? I want to try out the pool but so far, no go.

This is the command in my bat file to run if that helps any.

nbminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u RRK9W9eBhEXeW3rwrnZH3V61sTBpikybgC.dragon -p x

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