Bought a shitcoin. Almost got a heart attack.

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Bought a shitcoin. Almost got a heart attack.

I put 0.01BNB each in some shitcoins a month ago. Get and forget.

I check my wallet today and i see 8 zeros.
Phoenix Protocol token (PHX) is at $0.08 which makes my "bag" worth $300M.

Immediate palpitation.
I know it can't be true but what if i accidentally bought into some insane rugpull.
Logic and reason out of the window. I close doors, pull window covers.
TrustWallet shows the price spiked moments ago! CMC shows the same!!!
Heart racing, hands shaking. Don't be too late!
Connecting to pancakeswap to get my millions… 0.004BNB

I was already in the process of making a "help me cash this out please" post when i found their week-old tweet saying "CMC and Trustwallet seem to be displaying the incorrect price for Phoenix. It is a glitch unfortunately."

What a ride.

During old days of casual playing lotteries i always imagined how would i feel if during numbers reveal mine would match.
I feel like i had this experience today and it felt both exciting and scary.

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