Trustless referral network based on ERC-20 token based dApp

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Trustless referral network based on ERC-20 token based dApp

I am not entirely sure whether this is the correct forum to discuss a new idea based on an ERC-20 token. Also, I am not sure whether this use case is already considered and proven wrong. If so, letting me know will save a lot of valuable hours.

My idea is to create a D-App, which is a trustless referral platform and curated marketplace to sell products from Amazon or any other marketplace which allows referral earnings. Anonymous users can connect their wallets to the platform and create collections based on their tastes. Whenever they create a collection, they will be awarded a certain amount for tokens. The token that users will get is a custom token that is generated specifically for this network. These users will be known as collectors.

Now normal users also can join the network and browse through collections. The collectors can either make their collections free or they can add a fee so that the normal users need to pay this fee in order to visit the collection. This way the token is being circulated. The referral links for each of the products will take the users to the corresponding market place and if they made a purchase, the commission will be processed. 75% of the commission will be awarded to users who make the purchase and 25% will go to the corresponding collector. This commission is also in terms of the token that is used in the network and based on the current dollar value of the token,

I know this is very basic, but this is the idea. I am just testing whether this will work and it will be helpful if you let me know what you think about this? I am a programmer and web developer myself, so I can write smart contracts and deploy it to the network. If someone wanna join me, you are very much welcome.

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