President/Chief Scientist DFINITY is rewarding 100 ICP to doxxx a Redditor spreading FUD.

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President/Chief Scientist DFINITY is rewarding 100 ICP to doxxx a Redditor spreading FUD.

Start of the ''FUD":

We all know ICP had terrible performance this month, partly due to their distribution scheme and partly due to the whole market being down. A Redditor started posting in different Dfinity subreddits spreading stories about the team ''- Huge team. Wonder if they are real people or fake Tinder like profiles. Most of them successful, established, ex employees of Google, Apple and the likes.'' This quickly escalated in him posting numerous allegations to the team, in one (now deleted) post in particular:

''Project team is 80% fake profiles with fake biographies. This can be done in a few days, usually costs $5-$50 per profile creation (a picture, paragraph of text). On the lower side ($5) they're using online available images (for which they pay royalties), on the higher side ($50) they hire a model to pose for the profile shot and making them sign an NDA''

Chief Scientist response:

Multiple team members and community members checked if there were any fake members on the Dfinity team, nothing found whatsoever. This pissed of the Chief Scientist of Dfinity, Dominic Williams which replied the following:

''This is me, Dominic Williams. Whoever wrote this is just some slimy moron looking to exploit people's angst about the current market situation. Obviously, not one single team member profile is fake. People also work full time, rather than being associates or advisers, as is so often the case in blockchain. The technical achievements of the project are manifest and towering, and would not have been possible without the organisation that exists. Meanwhile, the foundation, founders and directors weren't even able to sell initially because of regulatory lockups. The price drop was largely (it seems) due to people who have a very low basis selling to lock in huge gains. But regardless about the reasons for what happened in this market, whoever wrote this piece is deliberately lying in order to exploit people's pain and it's disgusting. Moreover, it's slanderous and the false claims are prosecutable by law. I personally offer a reward of 100 ICP for whoever provides the identity of this individual so that we can consider prosecuting them for slander. You know where to find me.''

Drama continues.

Instead of de-escalating he took another route, go on the offensive. I get why he might be pissed on a personal level, but he seems to forget he's also leading a company. A simple permaban from all subreddits should've fixed the issue, but now the community is out for blood.

An open letter was published to Dominic, asking for his resignation. ''At every level and in every way you have demonstrated antagonism and suspicion towards those who held any interest in the promises you made about the internet computer's capabilities and instrumentality. Although there have been many spurious allegations made against your person and the team, you cannot deny that your conduct has produced a general atmosphere of distrust and opacity that generated such sentiments in the first place. You cannot and should not remain in any capacity of authority over the Internet Computer or the Dfinity Foundation.''

If it already wasn't a shitshow, now it's complete.

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