May I offer you a useful tool in this trying time?

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May I offer you a useful tool in this trying time?

Hey everyone!

Today I want to introduce my favorite apps/websites that may make your life a bit easier because they sure helped me!


Starting off with crypto tax software?! – Well it’s not just that!

Koinly is a web-application that let’s you import transactions via .csv, connect exchanges and also your public wallet addresses and puts it all together into a very detailed overview of your whole portfolio. It is tracking your paid fees, profit, spent fiat, portfolio value and instead of charging you an annual fee to do so, it only charges you if you decide to download a tax report.

That means you still have access to all features for zero cost, that your average portfolio tracker wants $30-$50 a year for … and ofc you can easily download a tax report!

It supports: 20+ countries 350+ exchanges 50+ wallets 6000+ blockchains


Coinmarketcal is a great website for keeping track of whats going on in the world of crypto. As the name suggests it’s basically a crypto calendar. It shows you when, what coin gets listed where, when the next airdrop will be and a ton of other upcoming events like hard forks and block halvings.

Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

I assume everyone knows these two but I‘ll include them anyways. Both have a website as well as an ios and android app and are great for getting quick informations about your future investments. They offer charts, news, descriptions and market information about nearly every coin and token out there. You can also enable notifications for price spikes of specific coins and a watchlist. They are also a great tool to roughly track all of your wallets in one place.

I personally prefer coinmarketcap over coingecko because of the more modern app and imo better user interface.

Blockchain explorers:

They let you interact with the blockchain and gain piece of mind that your transaction is pending on the network. Here are a few:



Binance Coin:


Every blockchain has their own explorer. You can easily find them by just typing "their name + blockchain explorer" in google.

Hope this helped someone!

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