A $50 experiment

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A $50 experiment

Based on watching the comments over the last few months I’ve gathered that the cryptocurrency daily discussion is an excellent meter for measuring market psychology.

I’m going to start with $50 to test this and invest it into Bitcoin when the Daily is filled with FUD. Today is a great day to start. When the daily says the bull is back on, I’ll cash it out and reinvest whatever the profits are as soon as I start seeing bear posts again. Rinse and repeat for the next six months and I’ll keep you updated as to the progress.

Edit: will only be investing the initial $50, cashing out the $50 when sentiment changes, and reinvesting it when the sentiment changes again. No more than $50 will be spent on this experiment. I’m allowed to sell at a loss and allowed to profit, it’s all dependent on sentiment.

Positive sentiment that will trigger a sell: 🚀‘s 🌕‘s ‘lambos’ ‘BULLISH’

Negative sentiment to trigger a reinvestment: ‘bearish’ ‘crypto winter’ ‘what’s happening why is it going down?’ ‘Does anyone know what’s going on’ ‘see you in three years’

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