Wherefore are thou, Ether?

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Wherefore are thou, Ether?

Hi all,

I think I’ve lost/misplaced a small amount of ether and I thought I’d ask the community if there was any way to find it. Probably not, but can’t hurt to ask.

Back in 2018, I was playing with small amounts of some crypto and had purchased about 0.41 Ether on Coinbase. (1/29/18 per Coinbase transaction history). Shortly thereafter, I sent that 0.41 Ether somewhere. I have the transaction details including the transaction hash and the address of where it was sent. But I can’t seem to figure out where exactly I sent it. It doesn’t seem to be in my Ledger Nano (where I put most things) but it’s also not sitting on any exchange that I was using at the time (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp).

So — armed only with the trans hash and the recipient address, is there any way to know where I sent this Ether? I’m presuming it’s lost, and I know it’s not a big chunk of change, but I’d love to find/recover it if possible.


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