My son had a great birthday because of crypto.

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My son had a great birthday because of crypto.

So my son's 6th birthday was this weekend. This last year has been a little rough as my wife took a lesser paying job to focus on getting her teacher's license and I haven't been able to work as long of hours to take care of my son. But one thing i got into was to throw extra money into some crypto every week.

I diversified my portfolio as much as possible, made a ton of rookie mistakes. (Chasing that green!, Doge!) But thanks to some luck, a bull market, and minor help from this sub I was able to make a nice little gain for us.

So i looked at what i put in and said you know what? Lets do something great, I took him and five of his friends to a bounce gym and to a arcade where everyone was able to grab a prize. All in total i spent about 800 dollars on the day.

I realize that 800 is not a ton, but it is more than we would have been willing to do because of our fairly structured budget. So im happy for this bull market and i can't wait for the bear, because my low contributions will stretch further. And maybe just maybe as we get a longer time in the market greater things will come.

I just want anyone reading this to enjoy your journey and use your gains as necessary. My son enjoyed his day and even though we probably could've done less and he'd still be happy i am pleased he got something out of the deal.

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes from my son.

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