Meme coins are the attack vector I didn’t see coming

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Meme coins are the attack vector I didn’t see coming

I've been in the crypto space since 2011 and I haven't been this disappointed with the direction the community was headed since centralized coins began being viewed as legitimate by so many crypto users.

You can't hack crypto, you can't shut it down, you can't regulate it, you can't stop transactions. But apparently you can try to de-legitimize it by creating meme coins and then turning them and the entire space into a spectacle. It doesn't reflect well when centralized coins and meme coins have such a large presence among truly revolutionary protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc.

And no, I do not think meme coins are a good outreach tool or a good introduction to crypto. In other areas of life, it's best to teach good fundamentals early so that these principles grow with you. It's the same with crypto. There are plenty of solid coins that have a low barrier of entry without sacrificing fundamentals. Those are the coins that should be promoted to beginners, new crypto users and the public.

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