Is it just me or should Elon stay away from ETH?

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Is it just me or should Elon stay away from ETH?

Strictly opinion here but I hope he stays far away from ETH. Sure we would get an initial huge pump, but Elon has a history of screwing everyone over. I could see him buying some ETH, then getting bored with it and saying “meh, gas fees are not efficient enough. I’m switching to another shiny new coin”.

Our momentum this bull run was doing just fine without Elon. I think we would be up close to 5k if it weren’t for his latest tweet that dumped the entire market. He said he’s looking at other crypto and I sure hope he doesn’t get into ethereum. He needs to shut up and leave crypto alone.

We all had high hopes when Elon entered the game back in February, thinking he would bring institutional adoption and bring legitimacy to the space. Instead he did the exact opposite and basically turned crypto into a total joke with Dogecoin. It’s just shits and giggles for him to prove he’s so powerful he can take a meme coin and people will buy it. It’s all just a power trip to soothe his megalomaniac ego.

You talk to friends and colleagues to explain ethereum to them now and they’re just like “hey what about doggy coins?”.

He doesn’t care if he hurts an entire market that people believe in and have invested a lot of time and money into.

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