Increase in “I’m Selling” posts – Coordinated attack??

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Increase in “I’m Selling” posts – Coordinated attack??

So I noticed a few posts that say they're selling their crypto or taking profits. Doesn't feel right. Feels like someone rich and powerful wants the little guy to sell his crypto on the cheap so they can buy it all up.

Anyone notice this?

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not against anyone taking profits, that's the whole point in investing IMO. It just seems like there's more posts about selling than usual.

Edit 2: The top post on Reddit right now is about selling and the user u/AmishMagic is 1 month old and has just this one post which got upvoted to hell. And we all know upvote bots are active on Reddit.

Edit 4; This post is getting down voted hard

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