Lowest Price Ever… Still Overpriced???

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Lowest Price Ever… Still Overpriced???

Guys… I’ve owned RVN for quite a while… followed the community… attended the First Annual RVN Meetup in the Overstock building. So, I’m no noob.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk price.

The current price for RVN at the time of writing is 198 sats. Six months ago I was really hoping for it to go down to 300 sats again so I could buy back in. It seemed as though that price was impossible to break as a low resistance level, and I thought “If only I could buy it again at that level before it starts rising again”.

I didn’t buy in (thankfully), and now here we are.

It’s got me thinking though about price discovery. Even though the price today is the lowest that it’s ever been, the market cap is still $118m. This seems WAY too high for a project that has so little use.

Could we see another 90% drop from today’s record lows? That seems more reasonable… at least until there are more use cases.


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