Ergo $ERG: Some Actual DD

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Ergo $ERG: Some Actual DD

Some DD for those who forgot it existed on this sub.

Ergo $ERG is a crypto that was created by one of the cofounders of, now called Chainlink.

This isn’t a ghost chain. The coin already has implemented smart contracts, a more secure form of oracles, NFT’s, stablecoins, and a DEX on the way. You can look into all of that here:

But I’m not here to talk about it’s functionality, especially in a time where it has never mattered less. Instead, I’ll be talking about why I think it will 10x this Bull run.

First of all IT’S ONLY $170M MARKET CAP! It has so much room to grow for all of its use cases. I could see it at $2-10b market cap (10-50x).

I believe it has almost guaranteed money to flow into it. Why?

  1. They are currently working on a DEX. This DEX will have more functionality than Pancakeswap or Uniswap as it will be an AMM but also be an Order Book type exchange. There will also be extra features that can prevent rug pulls, which is a big problem in the space right now. And guess what? NO GAS FEES! Find more info here:

The DEX is the main one to be used in the Cardano ecosystem. Even if you hate Cardano, you can’t deny that they have money and want to spend it on the community.

  1. They will be the primary oracle pool for Cardano. More money from a top 10 crypto flowing into it.

  2. Ergo is PoW. As for PoW chains go, their Autolykos system is as green as it gets. They chose PoW because it is tried and true for security and ergo aims to be used in strictly financial ways, meaning security is of upmost importance.

Now get this.. Once ETH2.0 comes out to PoS, all of the eth miners would have to move somewhere. Ergo is ready for it. And their system is also ASIC proof so you can mine in your own home with the same efficiency as a miner, making it more decentralized.


Ergo is on the way to become a top 20 crypto. It’s truly amazing and I’m so lucky to find it so early. Love or hate Cardano, the community will definitely be buying when the DEX comes out so make sure to profit off it. With such a low market cap, the risk v reward is so uneven it’s not fair.

The tech speaks for itself. Do your own DD, I swear you will not be disappointed.

FYI I hold ERG and this is not financial advice 😴

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edit 2: I FORGOT THE BEST PART Ergo is only listed on smaller exchanges like CoinEx and This means when it’s actually put on a bigger exchange it will go crazy

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