Why BANANO (BAN) will Replace Bitcoin

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Why BANANO (BAN) will Replace Bitcoin


Each BANANO contains about 422 mg of potassium in comparison to bitcoin which has 0 mg. Potassium is important for staying healthy and functional. It’s highly unlikely that bitcoin will ever be able to upgrade itself with potassium contents as that would require it to fork.


There is currently about 1 billion BAN coins in comparison to only 18 million bitcoins. That means that over 1 billion people can experience the nutritional value of banano in comparison to only 18 million bitcoins.


New BAN coins are distributed by using computing power to donate to medical research. People who support this research are rewarded with banano coins and most importantly, high levels of potassium.


Banano has instant and feeless transactions. This makes it the most efficient coin, as it can deliver high levels of potassium anywhere in the world instantly.

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