The key to the Hodler mindset: It’s more fun to count your money than to spend it.

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The key to the Hodler mindset: It’s more fun to count your money than to spend it.

Hello everyone.

Obviously knowing the principles and importance of crypto is the best reason to hold. But I also believe that I have succeeded (so far) as a hodler because I discovered a very simple quirk of my own psychology.

I like to count my money even more than spending it.

All you have to do in many cases is just look at things you wanted to have in the past, and just knowing you *could* have it if you really wanted to, is all you need in most cases. Then you can move onto to looking at something else and knowing you can have that.

On top of that, if you SPEND your coin, your holdings go DOWN. Whereas if you just STARE at it, you can see it go up and up. And obviously, the more money you have, in your own mind, the stronger, taller, shinier, smarter and handsomer you can allow yourself to feel.

Also, if you actually cash out or spend, you suddenly have to worry about taxes, negotiating (depending on what you buy), filling out forms, and all other kinds of nonsense. Whereas sitting there figuring out how much you have to the penny at every possible price point in the future and fapping over it requires nothing but your phone or computer's calculator.

Therefore, I believe that the role model for any good hodler should be Scrooge McDuck. A man of great means who spent his days swimming in his vault of coins instead of using them for any actual constructive purpose.

That is all and I'll see myself out. Thank you.

(this post is a parody, but with a grain of truth)

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