electrum-rvn and/or other wallet suggestion needed

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electrum-rvn and/or other wallet suggestion needed

I'm new to Ravencoin (but not to crypto and mining). Downloaded and setup electrum-rnv (https://github.com/standard-error/electrum-raven/releases/ latest version 3.3.8 rvn3), mainly because I don't want the core wallet and entire blockchain that comes with it. But now that I've looked at it closer, there hasn't been an update to electrum-rnv in almost a year. Is this still being developed? Is this a safe option?

Would I be better off going with something like Exodus, Atomic wallet or …? I know there are hardware wallets and paper wallets, but that seems like an overkill for my tiny operation. And for the core wallet, I'm not really interested in acting as a full node, etc (yet). I know it's good for the network, but I just want to mine a bit of RVN, experiment and see how the project turns out.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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