Loose lips sink ships: a cautionary tale of love and hackers.

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Loose lips sink ships: a cautionary tale of love and hackers.

In a land far far away (Canada), crypto has been getting a lot of attention during this latest bull run. Unbenounced to me, my lovely significant other has been touting our gains to colleagues and aquantencies over the last month or so.

It all started harmless enough, it came up in a work conversation discussing the topic of doge, bitcoin, and other cryptos. But after a while it became a daily discussion point. Randoms started chiming in and it became common knowledge we are holders.

Fast forward to last Monday, when I get a txt from my love asking me which exchanges I use. Red flags raised as she never asked before, just always discussed where we are at. I asked why she wanted to know and it turns out a coworker was asking her for which ones we specifically use. I told her an exchange I do not in fact use and left it at that. That night I get notifications for log in attempt on my social media…

I put two and two together fairly quickly for what's going on… sure it could be a coincidence, but I don't screw around when it comes to my money. I told my wife to watch out for that scumbag and not to ever share specific details of our accounts. Also not to click any links he send her.

I know everyone is excited about what's been happening but this is a reminder to always be cautious about who you share info with. Hackers can get a lot of info about you and if you don't have decent passwords, you may be in for a world of hurt.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid,,,

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