In a bull market not everyone gets rich.

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In a bull market not everyone gets rich.

Just had to had to share my story, I know there’s others like me out there.

I invested $600 in 2018 on the back of the last bull run. I traded atleast 50 coins over the two years. I held everything from bitcoin to dogecoin, IOTA, XLM, vechain and holochain.

I traded often. Eventually for a net gain of $0.

I wanted to get rich but I wanted to hold every bright project. I just couldn’t invest more than $600 so I had to sell constantly to get the next project.

In 2020 after 2 years of no profits.. nothing. I decided to cash out. The last project I had before I sold was 800,000 Holochain tokens. I sold for $600. Was worth $30,000 six months later.

I once held 0.0545 bitcoin. 6100 dogecoin. 96,000 VeChain. 1600 IOTA. 4000 XLM.

Don’t be like me. Never trade. Buy and hodl and never check.

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