Sent ETC to a ETH address – help

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Sent ETC to a ETH address – help

I was gonna send ETH to my MetaMask address from Coinbase.

But accidentially send ETC to my ETH wallet.

I have checked
and it says I have both ETC and ETH there.

I have tried looking at an old reddit post about this but can't make heads or tails on what I actually need to do. I have established that I have both ETC and ETH there. What now?

How do I solve this? Please help!

Edit: /u/Knurlinger helped me solving this!

In case someone else stumbles upon the same problem, the solution was to

  1. Go to Settings (top-right button) in your MetaMask extension, and then to the Networks section
  2. In the Networks, section clicks the Add Network button, click show Show Advanced Options, and set: Network name: ETC
    New RPC URL:
    ChainID: 61
    Symbol: ETC
    Click Save

Now you should see your ETC balance. Transfer it back to your ETC address!

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