PoW is inefficient

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PoW is inefficient

This is an opinion thread.

PoW is like carving stone with water. The computing power required for it is unjustifiable.

After watching ETH's development closely, and witnessing the anticipation for its consensus transition- I can only say that it has the potential to overthrow BTC's reign thanks to development and public opinion.

While PoS will most likely reward the person with the most coins staked, that isn't any different to someone that has the means to run tens and hundreds of GPUs against a loner with his single GPU. This also translates the slogan "fairly mined" to mean nothing. Electricity price also plays a part when a miner from China will most definitely have an advantage due to cheap costs.

Staking in itself is a testament that people holding the coin certainly believe in its future, as opposed to miners that may hop to other projects or sell their hardware when prices drop.

As a gamer I am left with a bitter taste after watching scalpers and miners further add fuel to the dumpster fire that is "silicon shortage". My 1060 may still have a few years under its sleeve, but I want to be able to build a new PC without a mortgage in the future.

I know some people will brush me off, that my opinion doesn't matter, that I sit on a billion coins and want to reap all the rewards for myself (I wish), but I honestly believe that PoW consensus will hinder RVN in the long run, and some might even ditch the project like myself.

Good luck

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